Creating a Truly Global Investment Portfolio


Considering the challenges and risks associated with the local market, investors need to look offshore to build a truly global investment portfolio to achieve investment success. Speakers Magnus Heystek, Brian Butchart, JC Louw and Tony Bell will review the current market conditions and share a strategy to build a global portfolio.






Many investors and businesspeople are increasingly looking at Mauritius to set up business structures and buying commercial land for business purposes.

How to build wealth in Mauritius

Mauritius is highly coveted by wealthy individuals around the world due to its strategic location, dynamic business landscape and advantageous fiscal regime.

The country is known for its investment-friendly policies and attractive tax rates for individuals and companies. Join our webinar for details about business and investment structures available on the island as well as property opportunities.

Investing in turbulent times

South Africa was added to the global grey list of countries in February, which will require more onerous processes for investors and companies. The local economy is in decline, load shedding continues and will likely get worse in months ahead. Internationally the war in Eastern Europe continues to drive inflation in many countries, especially in Europe. In the US remains problematic, affecting investor sentiment.


Weathering the storms on markets: Ninety One

Thus far, 2022 has seen recessionary fears, inflation spiraling on the back of the war in Ukraine and renewed lock-downs in China, spooking central banks and markets alike. Hopefully, the remainder of the year will see inflation cooling, central banks calming and market opportunities appearing. However, while the economic storm may slowly subside, South Africans will have to remain alert as political noise escalates in the run-up to the ANC leadership Conference in December.

Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Fund & Global Healthcare Fund

Investing delivered particular challenges in 2022 as various headwinds hit global markets. War in Eastern Europe, rising inflation and higher interest rates, to name a few. Join our webinar for the insights of top speakers about the performance and outlook for the Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Fund & Sygnia Global Healthcare Fund.

Living, learning and earning in Mauritius

Mauritius is growing in popularity as an investment, relocation or retirement destination for South Africans. Beyond the appeal of an island lifestyle, it is known for its investor-friendly tax regime and various programmes to attract businesses, tourists and investors. Join our webinar for the latest information about investing, doing business and living on the island. We will review investment incentives as well as considerations like property investment and education.

Building Global Wealth: Fund Manager Perspectives

Global equity markets had a volatile first quarter, ending down for the quarter, as March was not enough to make up for the poor returns from January and February. Additionally, the bond market suffered its worst quarter since 1980. The themes that drove market performance in the first quarter were the same themes that drove markets toward the end of last year. However, in late February and throughout all of March, Wall Street dealt with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its impact on global markets. What lies ahead for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

The 2022/2023 National Budget and your investments

President Cyril Ramaphosa included many economic issues in the State of the Nation Address presented on 10 February, which included the extension of the Covid-19 relief grant. The extension is estimated to cost the fiscus R50bn, expenditure made possible by the mineral resources boom that is expected to raise the 2021/2022 tax revenue target by R200bn. This is but one issue the Minister must address. Speakers will review the budget and share insight about the impact for investors.

Global Investment Themes 2022: Where will the money be made?

The 2022 investment year started with heightened market volatility as inflation ticks up locally and internationally and market commentators predict rising interest rates. Where will investors find opportunity and returns this year? Join our webinar to hear the insights of expert speakers Magda Wierzycka, Glyn Owen, Mike Schüssler and Magnus Heystek. They will review the current economic and market trends and share their views on how to navigate it for investment success in 2022.

Mauritius beckons … investment and property opportunities

In contrast to the tax laws of South Africa, Mauritius’s tax regime is more hospitable, particularly to foreign investors. In one study, Mauritius came out amongst the top 10 tax-friendly destinations for investors. The country notably imposes a flat 15 per cent for both income tax and corporate tax. These rates compare with South Africa’s 45 per cent for the highest marginal income tax and 28 per cent for corporate tax. Join our webinar and hear the insights of experts about opportunities available on the island.

Key trends for offshore investing in 2021

Major economies around the world are on the recovery path as vaccinations gain pace and lock downs are lifted. Four expert speakers will review the key trends investors need to consider in order to achieve optimum returns. They will elaborate on current global market and economic conditions and review the sectors to be considered for a sound offshore investment plan.


Markets have recovered from the worst fall-out after the lockdowns introduced globally in March 2020 drove stock prices down. Some economies have started to recover but in South Africa, the economic climate remains depressed. What are the threats and opportunities investors should be aware of? Brenthurst Wealth investment strategist, Magnus Heystek, Brenthurst consulting economist Mike Schüssler, and Raging Bull Award winner, Mi-Plan Fund Manager Tony Bell will review the current climate and share their insights about investing in a post COVID-19 world.

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