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Our Philosophy

Brent Wealth Management Ltd has been established to facilitate a Mauritius based asset management business primarily to provide asset management services to individuals and corporate financial services businesses.

Mauritius offers the ideal gateway to focus on Africa, Asia and Europe in order to broaden our corporate footprint and gain access to international markets to provide a combination of asset and investment management strategies, implementation experience, leading research, and recognised professional talent to deliver value in a rapidly evolving international asset management environment.

Our global industry network of experienced professionals has engagement experience with virtually every major asset class, and market segment. Armed with the knowledge and insights we provide clients, we can more readily address the wide range of strategic, operational, and regulatory issues they face and provide in depth focus on asset management, along with our breadth of services and implementation experience, assist our clients to grow their assets over time.

Brent Wealth Management will conduct research, interviews, and statistical analysis of global companies, markets, and trends in order to determine what investments to make or avoid on behalf of our clients. We intend building long-term relationships with our clients as their trusted source of quality research and asset management partners. 

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Brent Wealth Management award-winning and independent investment team offers in-depth knowledge and a strategic understanding of ever-changing markets and regulatory conditions.

Global Wealth

Brent Wealth facilitates Mauritius based asset management business primarily to provide asset management services to individuals and corporate financial services businesses.


Brent Wealth formulates model portfolios which diversify across multiple asset classes, jurisdictions and platforms.
They are tailormade to our client’s optimal investment objectives.


Our years of experience in the investment market allow us to create strategic partnerships with institutional clients, helping them achieve their long-term financial goals and delivering quality service

Strategically located

Mauritius has been identified as our jurisdiction of choice due to it being situated strategically in the Indian Ocean region between Asia and Africa.
It is also recognised as one of the most open and financially sound economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Brent Wealth acknowledges Mauritius’ success is largely due to it’s political and socioeconomic stability coupled with good governance and a wide range of incentives to boost investment and promote a business-friendly platform.


MAURITIUS has been successful in boosting it’s appeal to international investors and has become a major financial hub of the African region and an ideal gateway for investment and doing business in Africa.


Mauritius serves as a platform for investing, providing technical expertise and talents to boost growth on the continent. Together with it’s strong regional connectivity to Africa  Mauritius has the potential to open trade into Africa.

– Latest Investment Reports –

BRENTHURST is proud to announce the launch of its GLOBAL EQUITY FUND. This is the first SA-approved fund offering local investors exposure to the top index traders in the world including Vanguard, Black Rock and other global giants. It offers investors exposure to global stock markets at the lowest possible cost. The fund will become a central building block of our gobal investment portfolios. READ MORE

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