3 Routes to retire in mauritius

Mauritius offers 3 main cost-effective routes for those who are 50 years and above to fulfill their dreams as a retiree:

  • 10-year Residence Permit
  • Residency by Acquisition
  • Premium Visa

10-year Residence Permit

With a monthly expenditure of only USD 1,500 (or an aggregate of USD 18,000 per year) in Muritius, you and your dependents are entitled to a residence permit to live on the island for 10 years, renewable.

Residency by Acquisition

  • You may acquire a unit (house, villa or apartment) in a Property Development Scheme for Senior Living (No minimum price for granting of a residence permit)
  • You may acquire a luxurious unit (house, villa, apartment) in the conventional Property Development Scheme or one of the Smart Cities (Minimum price of USD 375,000 is reuired for the granting of the residence permit)

Premium Visa

Citizens from 110 countries can submit their applications online. The Premium Visa allows a non-citizen to stay in Mauririus for a period exceeding six (6) months up to one year with an option to renew.

Enjoy your retirement on a paradise island where security and serenity reign in the midst of pleasant tropical climate throughout the year.

Mauritius stands out for its quality of life, economic stability, and favourable tax regime. The exquisite island is a priviledged and renowned destination for the international community.

Boasting a well-preserved coastline, Mauritius is a blend of multiculturalism, hospitality, and an exceptional living environment.


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Why Mauritius is among the favourite destinations for European expats

Thanks to its favorable legal, administrative and incentive environment, as well as its attractive initiatives for foreign investors, Mauritius is currently one of the favorite destinations for Europeans looking to settle overseas.